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Mechanical and Automotive Mechanism

Product Name: Mechanical and Automotive Mechanism
Product Code: NLE-Export-031070

Mechanical and Automotive Mechanism Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Mechanical and Automotive Mechanism.

Mechanical and Automotive Mechanism The Sanderson Universal Bench Mounted Frame provides a very sensible alternative to to wall mounting, particularly since many new buildings are predominantly glass, with very flimsy dividing walls. The frame is designed to accommodate two items of ADS apparatus, allowing adequate space for students to work on each piece of equipment simultaneously. However it is possible to mount three pieces, in the case of the simple transmission system. By mounting the apparatus on the frame, experiments can be transported between rooms to any convenient location. Drum Brake Apparatus This apparatus has been developed specifically for Motor Vehicle Mechanics and Motor Vehicle Technicians Courses. It provides a means of demonstrating the difference in braking torque between leading (Primary) and trailing (Secondary) shoe braking systems and the effect on the braking systems and the effect on the braking torque of the various combinations of leading and trailing shoes. When the two shoes are linked together, the self energising action can be demonstrated. The apparatus is suitable for use in the laboratory and may be used by the Students to carry out simple experiments to investigate the relationship between actuating forces and the braking torques and for the determination of the co-efficient of friction between the brake lining and the drum

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