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Laboratory Pasteuriser

Product Name: Laboratory Pasteuriser
Product Code: Chemical Equipments0003

Laboratory Pasteuriser Description and Specifications for Lab Tenders

Laboratory Pasteuriser.

Laboratory Pasteuriser Pasteuriser is an example of the modern high temperature, short time (HTST) pasteurisers used in commercial food production.

It utilises a three stage plate heat exchanger and provides an excellent example of a production line approach to food manufacturing, complete with associated systems and control aspects. A bench top miniature High Temperature Short Time (HTST) system for the demonstration of the industrial pasteurisation process. Includes a transparent feed tank, a feed pump, a three stage heat exchanger, a holding tube, a divert system and a hot water circulator. The feed pump is a peristaltic pump, with a variable speed control. The heat exchanger is fully representative of large scale industrial units. - It uses stainless steel heat transfer plates. - It can be dismantled for examination and cleaning. - It comprises three stages, a final heating stage, a regeneration stage and a cooling stage. Holding time is 15 seconds at 10L/hr, in a stainless steel holding tube. Process temperature is measured and controlled. Hot water is circulated around the heating stage of the heat exchanger in a closed loop system. A PID controller is used to adjust the electric water heater, keeping the product process temperature at the requested value. Maximum hot water temperature is 85°C. Normal product process temperature is 72°C; this can be varied by the operator. Optional data logger with USB interface is available.

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