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Data Acquisition Lab Trainer

Data Acquisition Lab Trainer
LabEquipmentsManufacturersIndia is a prominent data acquisition lab trainer manufacturers, suppliers and exporters in India. We understand how a single digit error can effect the result of whole experiment so our data acquisition laboratory trainers are manufactured under the supervision of highly experienced lab experts.

Our data acquisition lab trainer is used by various schools, colleges, universities, research labs, laboratories and various industries to measure physical and electrical phenomena such as voltage, temperature, pressure, sound etc.

Some of our widely used data acquisition laboratory trainer are satellite communication lab trainer, analog lab trainer, electronic lab trainer etc.

Satellite Communication Lab Educational Trainer

Satellite Communication Lab Educational Trainer....

Product Code: DALT0001 - (Satellite Communication Lab Educational Trainer)


Analog Lab Equipments (Bread Board Model)

LabEquipmentsManufacturersIndia is a leading analog lab equipments manufacturers, suppliers and exporters company based in Ambala Cantt, Haryana, India. We are exporting high quality analog laboratory equipments to government organizations, educational institutions, research centers etc at the very competitive prices.

Our wide range of analog lab trainer instruments are available at different grades according to the needs of clients. We are using excellent quality of raw material and modern technology under the leadership of industry experts.


Product Code: DALT0002 - (Analog Lab Equipments (Bread Board Model))


Electronic Lab Trainer

Electronic Lab Trainer....

Product Code: DALT0003 - (Electronic Lab Trainer)