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Survey Lab Equipments

Survey Lab Equipments
LabEquipmentsManufacturersIndia is a leading survey lab equipments manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters company in India. We are specialized in supplying our survey laboratory equipments to government organizations, educational institutions, research centers etc at most competitive prices.

All of our survey workshop tools are designed by industry experts and these products are appreciated for their outstanding quality and high performance.

Some of our widely used survey laboratory instruments are theodolite, automatic electronic levels and edm, dumpy level and automatic level, gps receiver, survey compass, prismatic compass, survey umbrella etc.

Theodolite (Electronic Total Station)

Theodolite (Electronic Total Station)....

Product Code: NE6793 - (Theodolite (Electronic Total Station))


Automatic Electronic Levels  and EDM

Automatic Electronic Levels  and EDM....

Product Code: NE6224 - (Automatic Electronic Levels  and EDM)


Dumpy Level and/ Automatic level

Dumpy Level and/ Automatic level....

Product Code: NE6723  - (Dumpy Level and/ Automatic level)


GPS Receiver 

GPS Receiver ....

Product Code: NE3123 - (GPS Receiver )


Survey Compass

Survey Compass....

Product Code: NE4289 - (Survey Compass)


Prismatic Compass

Prismatic Compass....

Product Code: NE1293 - (Prismatic Compass)


Survey Chain

Survey Chain....

Product Code: NE5243 - (Survey Chain)


Ranging Rod

Ranging Rod....

Product Code: NE9783 - (Ranging Rod)


Leveling Staff

Leveling Staff....

Product Code: NE1129 - (Leveling Staff)


Engineers Multi Purpose Tilting Level

Engineers Multi Purpose Tilting Level....

Product Code: NE4423 - (Engineers Multi Purpose Tilting Level)


Triple Prism set

Triple Prism set....

Product Code: NE6427 - (Triple Prism set)


Robotic Total stations

Robotic Total stations....

Product Code: NE2270 - (Robotic Total stations)


Plane Table With Metal Head

Plane Table With Metal Head....

Product Code: NE3003 - (Plane Table With Metal Head)


Telescopic Alidade

Telescopic Alidade....

Product Code: NE2123 - (Telescopic Alidade)


Survey Umbrella

Survey Umbrella....

Product Code: NE3346 - (Survey Umbrella)


Tracing Table

Tracing Table....

Product Code: NE4533 - (Tracing Table)


PORKER Vibrator

PORKER Vibrator....

Product Code: NE9983  - (PORKER Vibrator)


Prism Pole 

Prism Pole....

Product Code: NE7317 - (Prism Pole )