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We are Microtome exporters, Microtome manufacturers from India. Our training products are labeled as best in class for vocational training lab and are widely used in Microtome research lab, colleges, schools, universities, institutes and TVET training lab.

Precision Microtome (AO Spencer Type) Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Precision Microtome (AO Spencer Type) Most elegant and sturdy, latest in the range of microtomes. Complete with counter balancing wheel, automatic feed mechanism and feed feed release. Light aluminum cover hinged at back, protect the internal mechanism. Heavy casted case plate fitted with heavy rubber pads to provided better grip. Smooth operation for uniform serial sectioning adjustable from 1to 50 microns instep of 1 micron. feed mechanism is independent of other movements. Supplied complete with one knife, having back and handle in wooden box, 6 block holders, honing plate with abrasive powder, one bottle of lubricating oil and rexine cover.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-169001 - (Precision Microtome (AO Spencer Type) Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Wood Microtome Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Wood Microtome Feed adjustment-30 microns. Vertical object displacement-30mm. Opening of object vice-80x50 mm. Length of slide ways - 42 cms. Overall dimensions (horizontal) 85x40 cms. Accessories Supplied with Equipment : Special heavy duty Razor with back-one, Object holders-Set of three, Vices-two, spanner for tightening razor-one, L-Keys-two, Screw driver-one, Oil can-one.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-169002 - (Wood Microtome Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Freezing Microtome (Erma Type) Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Freezing Microtome (Erma Type)  is a high precision scientific instrument that is used for cutting thin to semi-thin sections of fresh, frozen tissue and semi-thin sections. This instrument is also used forslicing semi-thin sections from industrial products such as some textiles, paper, leather, soft plastics, rubber, powders, pastes and food products by carbon dioxide freezing attachment. This Frozen Microtome is equipped with a stage upon which tissue can be quickly frozen using either liquid carbon dioxide, from a cylinder, or a low temperature re-circulating coolant. Features: Sturdy construction for long term use Require low maintenance Large Specimen stage of 32 mm Feed range of 5µ to 40µ in steps of 5µ CO2 attachment along with gas pipe Object holder for specimen and secure clamping mechanism along with attachment CE Marked Compact in design Table clamping device for secure clamping & vibration free cutting Freezing attachment for cooling Knife holder for secure clamping of knife Full Range of Options & Accessories Robust block holder design for better performance Excellent after sales service....

Product Code: NLE-Export-169003 - (Freezing Microtome (Erma Type) Laboratory Equipments Supplies)