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Measuring Meter

Measuring Meter
We are Measuring Meter exporters, Measuring Meter manufacturers from India. Our training products are labeled as best in class for vocational training lab and are widely used in Measuring Meter research lab, colleges, schools, universities, institutes and TVET training lab.

Leaf Area Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Leaf Area Meter We have been affianced in offering an exclusive collection of Leaf Area Meter which is used to obtain measurements of leaf area without detaching the leaf from the plant. The offered meter is manufactured with the use of high grade components and latest tools in order to meet the set industry standards. These are extensively used for conducting various tests and studies on the leaves of a tree....

Product Code: NLE-Export-173001 - (Leaf Area Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Gloss Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Gloss Meter The surface Luster measure for printing ink, oil paint, bake lacquer, coat woodwork and others The surface luster measure for construction decoration materials: Marble; Granite; Glass chemical Polishing brick, pottery brick and etc The surface luster measure for plastic, sheet and others The surface luster measure for other non-metal materials Technology parameter: Projecting angle: 60 Measure range 0˜200Gu Measure range: 0.4Gu/30 min Value error: 1.2 Gu Power: DC9V Environment temperature 0˜40 Relative humidity: ≤85% Dimension: 114x70x38 mm....

Product Code: NLE-Export-173002 - (Gloss Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Weather Station Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Weather Station Whether you are looking for a home weather station or one for work, Scientific Sales, Inc. can help. For nearly 25 years, we have sold highly accurate and durable weather instruments to people and businesses throughout the world. Our specialty lies in providing high quality weather stations for the hobbyist or the professional that offer accurate measurements of wind, atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature, rainfall and more measurements Regardless of whether you are interested in a wireless Davis weather station or another one of our weather stations we promise the lowest price with our Price Match Guarantee. Explore our options below to find the best weather station for your needs. Care to discuss a particular weather instrument before purchase? Contact us and we’d be happy to answer your questions.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-173003 - (Weather Station Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Color Gauge Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies

 Color Gauge Meter Non-corrosive mounting hardware with weather resistant sealed lenses Superior quality internal components UV fade resistant race pointers Come with White Lights with Red removable cover Feature aluminum or plastic non-corrosive cases (automotive versions are steel) The AutoMeter Marine White Five Gauge Combination Kit is available in Standard or Monster Varieties and includes: 6000 RPM Tachometer Voltmeter Fuel Level Oil Pressure Water Temperature....

Product Code: NLE-Export-173004 - (Color Gauge Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Color Target Comparator Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Color Target Comparator The colour meter for both colour and luminance measures surface colours of products. The CR series colour meter is included in our professional range. This colour meter can read the difference in colour in L d*a*b*, L*C*H* and Delta E*ab according to your requirements. The most popular model of colour meter in our range of products is the PCE-RGB. Aside from being easy to use and economical, the colour meter is used for determining the location of a colour on the XYZ axis of non-radioactive products. The geometry of the measurement of these colours, with luminosity including a field of measurement of 8mm, allows for universal use for all types of materials. Furthermore, these devices are used by artisans, paint manufacturers, architects, painters and designers for testing colours (for colour card, NCS, RAL, HKS) or for establishing colours after mixing various colours. If you have any queries, please contact us at ....

Product Code: NLE-Export-173005 - (Color Target Comparator Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Water Depth Measuring Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Water Depth Measuring Meter Accurate water level measurements Obtain measurements in seconds Avoid cross-contamination No equipment to clean Works in cased steel or PVC-capped wells, partially cased rock wells, crooked wells, and wells with pipes, wiring, and operating pumps....

Product Code: NLE-Export-173006 - (Water Depth Measuring Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Digital Coating Thickness Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Digital Coating Thickness Meter We offer high quality of Digital Coating Thickness Gauge. Statistics (Number of readings, average, Std. deviation, max. & min.) are updated with every reading and displayed simultaneously. It helps to decide how many readings are to be taken. Continue taking readings till you start getting reasonably consistent statistics.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-173007 - (Digital Coating Thickness Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Digital Viscometer Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Digital Viscometer Ensuring proper fluid viscosity is key in process environments. Achieving this requires an accurate, reliable, and durable in-line viscometer capable of monitoring fluid viscosity with minimal operator involvement. The Cambridge Viscosity VISCOpro 1600 viscometer is an ideal digital viscometer for this application due to its high accuracy and reliability, as well as its inherent ruggedness. The VISCOpro1600 viscometer can be used alone or in a multi-channel configuration controlled by a touch-screen display. This digital viscometer provides continual viscosity monitoring you can rely on. It is a compact instrument for applications where minimal operator involvement is desired. This digital viscometer features an optional LCD display for monitoring of critical fluid conditions. It also can be connected to a programmable logic controller (PLC) for seamless integration into a proprietary data management system. The units sensor and electronics are encased in an explosion-proof housing for durability and reliability. Due to Cambridge Viscositys patented technology, only a very small amount of fluid (1 ml) is required to obtain an accurate reading. Due to the small sample size needed and its automatic operation, the VISCOpro 1600 helps to maximize the efficiency of your process line and minimize waste. In addition, it works with most Cambridge Viscosity in-tank or in-line 300 series or 500 series sensors, giving you the flexibility to choose from a range of high-quality, maintenance-free options.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-173008 - (Digital Viscometer Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Laser Distancing Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Laser Distancing Meter The professional Laser Distance Meter is designed to give special users a high accuracy, one person distance measuring and estimating tool measure remote and difficult reaching places. The compact and handy base model was specifically designed for indoor applications. Shortcut keys for addition, subtraction, Pythagoras, area and volume calculation make measuring fast and very reliable. The last 20 measurements are also stored. Simple to Operate: Due to the shortcut keys addition and subtraction, as well as surface and volume calculations could be easier. Features : Area, Volume Calculations Indirect measurement using Pythagoras Addition/ Subtraction Continuous Measurement Min/ Max. Distance Tracking Display illumination and multi-line display Buzzer indication Multifunctional end pieces....

Product Code: NLE-Export-173009 - (Laser Distancing Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Thermo Hygrograph Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Thermo Hygrograph with Special the range of -15 deg.C to +65 deg.C and RH 0-100% with Meachanical Winding Clockwork, Weekly and/or Daily Rotation Recording(Changeable) with German Fibre Tips or with Nibs. Thermo Hygrographs are used for Environmental control, Labs, Research, Agricultural institutes, Plants, Scientific, Textile Mills, Meteorology and other Industries. Specifications: Temperature -15°C to +65°C Relative Humidity 0-100% Housing made of cast aluminum and chrome steel white finish Glazing made of transparent synthetic material....

Product Code: NLE-Export-173010 - (Thermo Hygrograph Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Digital Refractometer Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Digital Refractometer Designed in combination with superior components and latest technology, Our Digital Refractometer is popular in the world market for delivering precise and instant calculations. We are identified as one of a reputed Digital Refractometer Manufacturers in the market. Available in two models viz DG-NXT & DG-ERT Attributes : Digital readout Easy to operate Automatic temperature compensation for Brix Scale & Distilled water Dust proof prism cover Serial interface apt for data print-out Fully eliminates reading errors....

Product Code: NLE-Export-173011 - (Digital Refractometer Laboratory Equipments Supplies)