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Engineering Projects and Project Management

Engineering Projects and Project Management

Agro and Food Processing

Agro and Food Processing....

Product Code: EPM-0001 - (Agro and Food Processing)


Industrial Projects

Industrial Projects....

Product Code: EPM-0002 - (Industrial Projects)


Cement and Sugar Manufacturing

Cement and Sugar Manufacturing....

Product Code: EPM-0003 - (Cement and Sugar Manufacturing)


Capital Equipment

Capital Equipment....

Product Code: EPM-0004 - (Capital Equipment)


Transport - Railways/Shipping/Vehicles

Transport - Railways/Shipping/Vehicles....

Product Code: EPM-0005 - (Transport - Railways/Shipping/Vehicles)


Leather Processing and Footwear

Leather Processing and Footwear....

Product Code: EPM-0006 - (Leather Processing and Footwear)


Textile Machinery and Garment Manufacturing

Textile Machinery and Garment Manufacturing....

Product Code: EPM-0007 - (Textile Machinery and Garment Manufacturing)


Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals

Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals....

Product Code: EPM-0008 - (Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals)