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Garment and Textile Technology

Garment and Textile Technology

Three threads and four threads overlock machines

Three threads and four threads overlock machines....

Product Code: GTT-LAB-0001 - (Three threads and four threads overlock machines)


Double needle lockstitch machine

Double needle lockstitch machine....

Product Code: GTT-LAB-0002 - (Double needle lockstitch machine)


Blind hemming machines

Blind hemming machines....

Product Code: GTT-LAB-0003 - (Blind hemming machines)


Button hole Lock stitch Machine

Button hole Lock stitch Machine....

Product Code: GTT-LAB-0004 - (Button hole Lock stitch Machine)


Computerized embroidery machine

Computerized embroidery machine....

Product Code: GTT-LAB-0005 - (Computerized embroidery machine)


Overlock sewing machine/single needle/

Overlock sewing machine/single needle/....

Product Code: GTT-LAB-0006 - (Overlock sewing machine/single needle/)


Button attaching sewing machine

Button attaching sewing machine....

Product Code: GTT-LAB-0007 - (Button attaching sewing machine)


Single lock sewing machine

Single lock sewing machine....

Product Code: GTT-LAB-0008 - (Single lock sewing machine)


Zigzag sewing machine

Zigzag sewing machine....

Product Code: GTT-LAB-0009 - (Zigzag sewing machine)