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Waste Management Equipments

Waste Management Equipments
Laboratory Supplies - Pioneers in the industry, we offer Waste Management Equipments such as Medical Waste Shredder, Rectangular Regulated Medical Waste Sterilizer and Incinerator from India

Medical Waste Shredder

Steri Waste Shredder Purpose :– Equipment is designed for shredding of plastic hospital waste like blood bags, IV/ blood transfusion sets, barrels/pistons of disposable plastic syringes, scalpel blades, needles, glass etc. Construction :– These are fabricated of heavy duty frame with powder coated M.S. sheet. Equipment design permits easy & safe loading material through sturdy hopper and collection of shredded material in containers avoiding spill over & prevent flying particles and aerosols, the shredding process being in a closed system. Cutter :– These are made of noncorrosive alloy steel of appropriate size and are designed to the latest technology for longer life and higher output. Power Supply :– Suitable to work on 220 V/440V Single/Three Phase 50 Hz. AC supply. Capacity :–  Available in various capacity ranging from 10 Kg./Hr. onwards to higher capacities. Salient Features :– Easy & safe to operate. Low noise. Heavy & sturdy construction. Noncorrosive cutter. Easy to clean & maintain. Shock proof & insulated as per safety noms. Optional Accessories :– Run time hour meter. Auto switch off against electrical accidents and overloading/jamming of cutting. Automatic shut down for idle running.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-184001 - (Medical Waste Shredder)


Rectangular Regulated Medical Waste Sterilizer

Steri High Pressure High Speed Horizontal Cylindrical/Rectangular Regulated Medical Waste Sterilizer Purpose :– Equipment is designed for sterilization of regulated biomedical waste generated from hospital for destruction of bacteria and related organism (Spores). Design :– The sterilizer equipment to treat medical waste is designed for following parameters. For gravity flow autoclave : The temperature of not less than 121°C and pressure of not less than 1.02 K.G./CM2 and autoclave residence time not less than 60 minutes. The temperature of not less 135°C and pressure of not less than 2.1 K.G./CM2 and autoclave residence time not less than 45 minute. The temperature of not less than 149°C and pressure of not less than 3.5 K.G./CM2 and autoclave residence time not less than 30 minute. Available in following Sizes :– Cylindrical Model : 400 (Dia) × 600 mm (Depth) 500 (Dia) × 1200 mm (Depth) Rectangular Model : 600 (H) × 600 (W) × 1200 mm (D) 900 (H) × 600 (W) × 1500 mm (D) Other custom built sizes are also available....

Product Code: NLE-Export-184002 - (Rectangular Regulated Medical Waste Sterilizer)



Incinerators are very useful to destroy the infectious waste material generated at health-care facilities. These are of double wall construction, duly insulated with high efficiency ceramic wool/bricks. Heating elements are of special design and are made from Kenthal/Nichrome wire. Separate doors are provided for waste burning chamber & for ash collecting tray. A chimney is provided for emission of fumes. The chamber temperature is controlled by solid state digital temperature controller cum indicator. Thermistor controlled electrical system disengages itself after the temperature inside the chamber reaches the set temperature, which is around 700–900°C, and there after heat is generated by burning of wastes due to exothermic buring process. This assists in saving electrical energy. Easy to install & operate and extremely durable equipment. Available in varied capacity/sizes based on the requirement of Nursing Homes, Hospitals etc. Capacity :– 3 Kg/Hr,5 Kg/Hr,10 Kg/Hr,15 Kg/Hr,25 Kg/Hr. Optional Accessories :– Emission chimney per running ft. Dilution Process System Foul Odor Treatment System Gravity settler These incinerators have been specialty designed to meet the CPCB emission standards and consist of dual chamber design, where in the temperature of primary chamber and secondary chamber is 850 ± 50 and 1050 ± 50 resp. Various accessories/attachments are also available for treatment of emission coming out of the incinerator before exiting to the atmosphere through the emission chimney. Capacity :– 3 Kg/Hr 5 Kg/Hr 10 Kg/Hr 25 Kg/Hr.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-184003 - (Incinerator)