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Bacteriological Test Vials

Bacteriological Test Vials
Laboratory Supplies - Importer & Supplier of Bacteriological Test Vials. Our product range also comprises of Oil And Petroleum Testing Instruments, Physics Lab Instrument and Chemistry Lab Instrument

Bacteriological Test Vials Laboratory Equipments Supplies

In 1982 Manjaetal. Reported the development of a simple method for detecting evidence of fecal contamination in dringking water. The test was intended to meet the "... need for a simple reliable field test for use by village public health workers" to detect fecal contamination in drinking water. The advantage of the method is its simplicity, low cost and ability to be performed in the absence of a typical microbiology laboratory or field laboratory test kit tubes or other containers holding the test material are prepared in a central laboratory to be used in the field by minimally trained Personnal. This method has been included in the guide lines for drinking water quality by WHO. Our method is as per this guidelines only which is also the basis of technology developed by DRDO and other organization. Product Specification: The kit is simple, compact light weight, mobile, easy to use and durable. The reagents provided are ready to use and result obtained are fast. The kit are provided with detailed instructions manuals which will help the user to use the kits easily. Technical specification: Test is in the form of media incorporated in vial to detect pathogens. These vials are sterilized. All vials have been prepared in best laboratory condition and have passed QC tests. These vials give presence / absence of pathogens only. These vials are not for medical purpose. Parameters: Bacterial Contamination Test Principal: Phenol Method Range: Presence/Absence....

Product Code: NLE-Export-122001 - (Bacteriological Test Vials Laboratory Equipments Supplies)