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Ophthalmic Equipment

Ophthalmic Equipment
Medical Lab Laboratory Supplies - Our range of ophthalmic equipment are designed to meet all the requirements. They are recognized for delievering best fucntionality. We provide the equipment at market leading rates.

Slit Lamp Fine Stepper Magnification

Slit Lamp Fine Stepper Magnification....

Product Code: NLE-Export-028001 - (Slit Lamp Fine Stepper Magnification)


Slit Lamp Stepper Magnification

Slit Lamp Stepper Magnification....

Product Code: NLE-Export-028002 - (Slit Lamp Stepper Magnification)


Slit Lamp General

Slit Lamp General....

Product Code: NLE-Export-028003 - (Slit Lamp General)


Slit Lamp Modern

Slit Lamp Modern....

Product Code: NLE-Export-028004 - (Slit Lamp Modern)


Surgical Microscope Cold Light

Surgical Microscope Cold Light....

Product Code: NLE-Export-028005 - (Surgical Microscope Cold Light)


Surgical Microscope (Direct Halogen)

Surgical Microscope (Direct Halogen)....

Product Code: NLE-Export-028006 - (Surgical Microscope (Direct Halogen))


Surgical Microscope Fibre Cold Light

Surgical Microscope Fibre Cold Light....

Product Code: NLE-Export-028007 - (Surgical Microscope Fibre Cold Light)




Product Code: NLE-Export-028008 - (Keratometer)


Lensmeter Corona Target

Lensmeter Corona Target....

Product Code: NLE-Export-028009 - (Lensmeter Corona Target)


Lensmeter (Corona Cross Target)

Lensmeter (Corona Cross Target)....

Product Code: NLE-Export-028010 - (Lensmeter (Corona Cross Target))


Indirect Ophthalmoscope

Indirect Ophthalmoscope....

Product Code: NLE-Export-028011 - (Indirect Ophthalmoscope)




Product Code: NLE-Export-028012 - (Synoptophore)


Trial Lens Set (Illuminated)

Trial Lens Set (Illuminated)....

Product Code: NLE-Export-028013 - (Trial Lens Set (Illuminated))


Chair Unit

Chair Unit....

Product Code: NLE-Export-028014 - (Chair Unit)


Riester Schiotz C Tonometer

Riester Schiotz C Tonometer....

Product Code: NLE-Export-028015 - (Riester Schiotz C Tonometer)