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Scientific Accessories

Scientific Accessories
Laboratory Supplies - We are engaged in providing impeccable range of scientific accessories for clients. We offer spare polythene cover, mobile weight trolley, set of weights and HI-Load 5000. All these are provided at market leading rates

Spare Polythene Cover Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Description This tailor made dust cover is for the range of experiments mounted in the universal frame. One free cover is supplied with each  frame. Replacements are available if required.   Features keeps apparatus free from dust....

Product Code: NLE-Export-061001 - (Spare Polythene Cover Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Mobile Weight Trolley Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Features Safe storage for weights and hangers Very mobile Very strong Holds up to 1600 N of laboratory weights 3 year warranty   Description A welded steel framed trolley with five front shelves and one rear shelf. All four wheels are castored for ease of moving. Provision is also made for attaching weight hangers to a bar at the back. There is shelf space for a general set of laboratory weights up to 1600 N in total.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-061002 - (Mobile Weight Trolley Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Set Of Weights Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Features Comprehensive set of weights. Rounded Newton values. 3 year warranty.   Description A set of cast iron weights from 50 N to 0.5 N and pressed steel weights for 0.2 and 0.1 N values. The cast iron weights are individually adjusted to be within specification. All weights have a slot so that they can be placed on a load hanger. For sizes see the separate data sheet. The collection of weights offered comprises :   6 x 100 N 8 x 50 N 10 x 20 N 16 x 10 N 20 x 5 N 20 x 2 N 10 x 1 N 10 x 0.5 N 10 x 0.2 N 10 x 0.1 N....

Product Code: NLE-Export-061003 - (Set Of Weights Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


HI-LOAD 5000 (5kN Loading Device) Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Features Lightweight proving ring for accurate loads Screw jack provides 75 mm travel Compressive or tensile loading Direct read out of true load Replaces cast iron masses Universal - can be used for student projects 3 year warranty   Description The loading device uses a screw jack with a fine thread and 75 mm travel to apply load through a proving ring. The ring deflection causes a digital dial gauge to indicate the load in decaNewtons because a innovation compensates for the variations of the ring. The gauge also has a zero setting switch so all the effects of self weight and initial set up of an experiment can be eliminated. The ring is designed to be used in compression but a loading yoke is provided to enable tension loads to be applied. Not only is the ring usable for HI-PLAN experiments to avoid using cast iron weights, but it is even more adaptable for student projects where large and accurate loads in any direction are required.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-061004 - (HI-LOAD 5000 (5kN Loading Device) Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Vertical Stand and Extras Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Features Free standing "wall". Saves or provides wall space. Improves laboratory layout. Two-sided for experiments. No bench space needed.   Description A vertical steel post 1.65 m high attached to a 650 x 450 mm base plate with adjustable feet. A roughly triangular cross frame, which accepts fixing bolts up to 12 mm at centers between 60 and 400 mm, is fixed at 1.65 or 1.04 m height. A work table can be added at an intermediate position. A duplicate cross frame and work table can be added to the opposite side of the post for two sided working to make better use of the laboratory.   Services Required Optional Extras - Ancillaries  Duplicate Cross Frame Work Table....

Product Code: NLE-Export-061005 - (Vertical Stand and Extras Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


2-Channel Digital Strain Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Features Self contained portable meter Direct reading of strain or force 5 digit Liquid Crystal Display, (LCD), indicates 20,000 micro strain or Newtons x 1 N Half or Full Bridge operation with 1, 2 or 4 active gauges Individual calibration and tare zero for each channel Rechargeable, environmentally friendly nickel metal hydride battery and universal power supply operation Dynamic strain output on one channel Expandable to 18 inputs Three year warranty   Applications Energizing electrical resistance strain gauges in all configurations and analysing the bridge output for direct read-out on a digital meter For use with strain gauged force transducers To measure the frequency and amplitude of dynamic actions   Description The strain gauge meter is a rugged direct reading instrument capable of measuring up to 20,000 micro strain with a resolution of 1 digit. It has two channels and can be used with any standard foil gauges in Half or Full Bridge circuits and either 1, 2 or 4 active gauges including gauges on force transducers. Each channel has a simple calibration and zeroing (tare) system. Both channels have DC excitation for static work, while one can alternatively provides an analogue output for dynamic work up to at least 10 Hz. It comes complete with two Half Bridge connecting cables. The instrument is mains operated with a rechargeable Ni-MH battery so it can be used for field work away from a power source. Low power consumption allows at least 8 hours use. By adding the 16 Channel Expansion Unit the meter becomes an 18 channel unit but still with individual calibration and Tare on each channel automatically called up when the channels are selected. Services Required  12 V Electrical supply for running on line or charging battery pack, Single Phase 100 / 240 V AC - 50 / 60 Hz.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-061006 - (2-Channel Digital Strain Meter Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


16-Channel Strain Meter Expansion Unit Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Features Low cost multi-channel strain measurement. Individual channel calibration and tare Half or full bridge operation. Used with the HAC 20 Two Channel. Digital Strain Gauge Meter - No extra power supply required. Three year warranty.   Applications Converts the Strain Gauge Meter into an eighteen channel system.   Description This high quality switch unit accepts sixteen inputs and selects any one for an output to the two channel strain gauge meter. The output identifies the channel to call up its per-programmed calibration and zeroing (tare) status. It is powered from the  unit. Services Required  Requires Two Channel Digital Strain Meter for power   Optional Extras - Ancillaries Half Bridge Connecting Cable. Full Bridge Connecting Cable.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-061007 - (16-Channel Strain Meter Expansion Unit Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Digital/Analogue Oscilloscope Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Features Combined digital processing. Wide range of scan speeds and input frequencies. Slow phenomena may be displayed. Suitable for analysis and comparison of recorded data. 17 automatic measurements may be taken. Link provided. Three year warranty. Description The power of combined digital processing enables the user to display and store events prior to triggering and therefore analyse the causes of a phenomenon, over a wide range of scan speeds and input frequencies. Very slow phenomena, (such as temperature variations, battery charges, very low frequencies etc), may be displayed. After acquisition, recorded data may be compared and analysed. The 'ENVELOPE' mode, for storing the minimum and maximum values of several successive acquisition operations, enables a large number of events to be displayed. The 'GLICH' mode provides for capture of 'parasites'. As the  link is a standard feature, users can take advantage of the possibilities offered by digital techniques: analysis and processing on PC by the addition of software for direct screen printout to printer. (Software to be ordered separately not supplied as standard.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-061008 - (Digital/Analogue Oscilloscope Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Digital/Analogue Oscilloscope Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Specifications Bandwidth 40 MHz No. of Channels 2 Sensitivity 5 mV / div to 20 V / div Operating Mode CH1, CH2, XY, CHOP, and ALT auto, ADD, -CH2, MULT Time Base 1 Sweep speed Ana:50 ns / div to 200 ms / div Num 10 ns to 200 s / div Special Triggering TV lines and frames Triggering Sensitivity Int: 0.5 to 1 div  Ext: 100 to 200 mV Sample Rate Single shot: 50 MS / s, ETS 10 GS / s Memory Depth 2 x (1, 8 or 16) Automatic Measurements and By Cursors 17 automatic measurements, Vt 1 / t, phase Glitch Mode 20s Other Modes Envelope, triggered ROLL, digital XY Auto Set Function Yes SCPI Programming Yes Digital Serial Link RS232 Special features 2 oscilloscopes in one: A + D, PC and printer drivers IEC61010-1 safety Cat II, 300 V Power Supply 96 V to 264 V (45 to 440 Hz) Power Supply 1 mains lead, 1 users manual, programming manual Services Required Depending on the strain gauge meter used, an electrical supply, single phase 220 / 240 V AC - 50 Hz, 110 / 120 V AC - 60 Hz, to be specified on order, may be needed....

Product Code: NLE-Export-061009 - (Digital/Analogue Oscilloscope Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Analogue Dial Gauges Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Features Metric Model Ball Point Lug on back Manufacturer's 1 year warranty Description Metric dial indicator 56 mm nominal size reading 0.01 mm per division over the specified travel. Optional Extras - Ancillaries Dial Gauge Stand with Magnetic Base Dial Gauge Stand for Hi-Plan Frames Flat Anvil  Dial Gauge Stand with Large Magnetic Base....

Product Code: NLE-Export-061010 - (Analogue Dial Gauges Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Digital Dial Gauges Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Features Metric or Inch. Large LCD display. Zero setting. Direction Change On/Off Switch. Data output. Manufacturer's 1 year warranty. Description Electronic digital indicator of 60 mm nominal size with resolution and range as specified. The zero can be set anywhere in the range, while the + and - directions can be selected. A data output system is available. Optional Extras - Ancillaries Dial Gauge Stand with Magnetic Base. Dial Gauge Stand for Hi-Plan Frames. Flat Anvil. Dial Gauge Stand with Large Magnetic Base.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-061011 - (Digital Dial Gauges Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Newton Weights Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Features Load or Force Units. Simple Newton values. Stack able on Load Hangers. Individually Calibrated. 3 year warranty. Description The range of weights is based on the 1:2:5 system which makes it easy to create any load from 0.1 N to 200 N plus by increments of 0.1 N. All the weights are slotted so that they stack on a load hanger. The 0.1 and 0.2 N weights are in pressed steel, while all the rest are cast iron. The cast iron weights are individually corrected to be within ± 0.5 %. The weights are marked with their value to identify them   Code Net Weight Gross Weight Net Dimensions (Diam x thickness) Gross Volume (m³) 01 0.1 N / 0.01 kg 0.013 36 mm x 2 0.000004 02 0.2N / 0.02 kg 0.025 36 mm x 3 0.0000061 05 0.5 N / 0.05 kg 0.063 35 mm x 11 0.000020 1 1 N / 0.10 kg 0.125 45 mm x 11 0.000035 2 2 N / 0.20 kg 0.25 58 mm x 13 0.000070 5 5 N / 0.51 kg 0.63 82 mm x 15 0.00016 10 10 N /1.02 kg 1.25 108 mm x 17 0.0003 20 20 N / 2.04 kg 2.50 127 mm x 27 0.0006 50 50 N / 5.1 kg 6.3 159 mm x 42 0.002 100 100 N / 10.2 kg 12.5 184 mm x 60 0.003 200 200 N / 20.4 kg 24 260 mm x 60 0.007....

Product Code: NLE-Export-061012 - (Newton Weights Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Newton Weight Hangers Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Features Steel Hangers in a range of sizes. Weights are in Newtons. 3 year warranty. Description The weight hangers consist of a length of vertical stem with a hook at the top and a small platform at the bottom. To help in assessing total loads each size of hanger has a rounded Newton value consistent with its size. They are made of steel with a powder coat green hammer finish.   Code Net Weight Length(mm) Net Dimensions Gross Volume (m³) 1 0.2 N / 0.02 kg 100 22 dia x 100 mm 0.00013 2 0.5 N / 0.05 kg 100 38 dia x 100 mm 0.0003 3 1 N / 0.10 kg 150 45 dia x 150 mm 0.0006 4 1 N / 0.10 kg 200 45 dia x 200 mm 0.0008 5 2 N / 0.20 kg 250 50 dia x 250 mm 0.0013 6 5 N / 0.51 kg 400 64 dia x 400 mm 0.0030 7 5 N / 0.51 kg 550 64 dia x 550 mm 0.0035....

Product Code: NLE-Export-061013 - (Newton Weight Hangers Laboratory Equipments Supplies)