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Clean Room Instruments

Clean Room Instruments
Laboratory Supplies - Importer & Supplier of Clean Room Equipments & Grossing Table. Our product range also comprises of Oil And Petroleum Testing Instruments, Physics Lab Instrument and Chemistry Lab Instrument

Grossing Table

Grossing Table, These surgical pathology work stations are useful for examining surgical specimens. The contaminated air & formalin vapors from work table is sucked out by built-in blowers. Provided with lighting system, swivelled-magnifier, SS table, Sink & Tap, metric ruler, shelf, drawers and storage compartment under table, Towel/Tissue paper stand and waste bin. The working area sides are made from acrylic material. Widely used, as it is very convenient for “Grossing Work in Histopathology”. Working Area :– L × W × H                          4' × 3' × 3'                         6' × 3' × 3'                         5' × 2.5' × 3'  Optional Accessories  • Built in U.V. Germicidal Light  • Exhaust duct upto 6'.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-188001 - (Grossing Table)