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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab Equipments

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab Equipments
Laboratory Supplies - Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab Equipments, Chemical Reaction Engineering Lab Instruments Manufacturers India

Water Cooler Test Rig

Water Cooler Test Rig....

Product Code: Refrigeration0001 - (Water Cooler Test Rig)


Ice Plant Test Rig

Ice Plant Test Rig....

Product Code: Refrigeration0002 - (Ice Plant Test Rig)


Refrigeration Trainer

Refrigeration Trainer....

Product Code: Refrigeration0003 - (Refrigeration Trainer)


Air Conditioning Trainer

Air Conditioning Trainer....

Product Code: Refrigeration0004 - (Air Conditioning Trainer)


Ice Plant Trainer

Ice Plant Trainer....

Product Code: Refrigeration0005 - (Ice Plant Trainer)


Water Cooler Trainer

Water Cooler Trainer....

Product Code: Refrigeration0006 - (Water Cooler Trainer)


Split Air Conditioner Test Rig

Split Air Conditioner Test Rig....

Product Code: Refrigeration0007 - (Split Air Conditioner Test Rig)


Display for Refrigeration Components

Display for Refrigeration Components....

Product Code: Refrigeration0008 - (Display for Refrigeration Components)


Water Cooling Tower Apparatus

Water Cooling Tower Apparatus....

Product Code: Refrigeration0009 - (Water Cooling Tower Apparatus)


Mechanical Heat Pump

Mechanical Heat Pump....

Product Code: Refrigeration0010 - (Mechanical Heat Pump)


Water to Air Heat Pump

Water to Air Heat Pump....

Product Code: Refrigeration0011 - (Water to Air Heat Pump)