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Audio Visual Equipment

Audio Visual Equipment
Laboratory Supplies - Offering impeccable output, our range of audio visual equipment are recognized for their performance. These audio visual equipment have wide usage.
This category included manufacturers, exporters, traders, distributors of Audio & Visual Equipments e.g OHP, Automatic Slide Projectors, Exhibitor Instruments, LCD Projector, OHP Projector, Projection Screen, Overhead Projector, Transparency, Educational Slides, Educational CDs, Visual & Educational Charts, Audio Visual Products

Portable Overhead Projector Laboratory Equipments Supplies

A compact design of Portable Overhead Projector which simply folds to be packed into a small moulded luggage carrying case for very convenient transportation. Designed on halogen bulb system, the equipment incorporates twin lamp facility and very effective blower for cooling to ensure undisturbed continous operation long duration. Sailent Features:- Portable Desktop Transmissive. High grade vari focus 3 element projection lens. Fresnel Lens DIN A4 size(285x285mm) hard coated and scratch resistance to provide DIN A4 projection stage size 285x285mm. Supplied with two halogen lamp 24V/250W with lever for instant lamp change. Lumens 1800 Cooling System Silent Dimension: 324x416x127mm & weight 8Kgs. approximately. Working on 220-240Volts AC. Detachable Power Cable.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-023001 - (Portable Overhead Projector Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Deluxe Compact Folding Overhead Projector Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Deluxe Compact Folding Overhead Projector....

Product Code: NLE-Export-023002 - (Deluxe Compact Folding Overhead Projector Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Compact Folding Overhead Projector Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Compact Folding Overhead Projector Projects bring and sharp image from hand written illustration graphs, pictures and diagrams on transparent material. gives uniforms illuminations even at highly elevated positions of the image. No need for dimming lights. With best optics and rigid quality control. Continuous writing from top to bottom or left to right on 15meter long cellophane roll. Colling system to projector overheating self lubricating type motor, the stage temperature is maintained at 45C approx. Thermocole packing for safety during transportation and idle time. Technical Specification:- Projection Lens         : One Element 254mm Condenser System    : Frensnel Condenser Projection Lamp        : 24V-250Watt Stage Aperture         : 250mmx250mm Lumens                   : 1600 Cooling System        : Blower Cooled Power Cable             : Detachable Power Cable Lamp Safety            : Solid-state Electronic control for light intensity variations. Focussing                : Fine Focussing with rack & pinion mechanism Folding                  : Folding Arms Dimensions            : 310mm(W) 310mm(D)  210mm(H) Power Source          : AC 220-240V Accessories:- Cellophane Roll Vinyl Cover Cleaning Cloth Glass Fuse Grease Pencils Packing:-With thermocole in sturdy cardboard box. Optional Accessories:- Projection Screen Slide Attachment Halogen Bulbs Laser Pointer Transparency.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-023003 - (Compact Folding Overhead Projector Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Slide Projector With Audio Kit Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Slide Projector with Audio Kit It is very easy to operate 35mm slide projector 24V/250W halogen lamp medium & high lumens and efficient cooling system. It is used in Conference Rooms, Training Centers, Educational Institutions and many other stage show. Constructed with aluminum & mild steel and good electronic component. Microphone Sensitivity : 72dB Frequency Response: 100 to 1000Hz. Output Impedemce : 600Ohms Packed in cardboard with vinyl cover.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-023004 - (Slide Projector With Audio Kit Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


High Performance Slide Projector Laboratory Equipments Supplies

High Performance Slide Projector Advanced optics, Brilliant Projection for Conference Rooms,Training Centers, Educational Institutions.  35mm manually operated slide projector is specially designed for economic slide presentation. slide projector is easy to handle and convenient to carry. Useful for schools, Communications, Conference Rooms, Training Centers, Educational Institutions. Technical Specifications:- Design:- Compact, Sturdy Aluminum Body. Power Supply:-220-240Volts 50Hz. Power Consumption:- 200 Watt maximum Lens:- 85mm, F/2.8 Light Source:- 150Watt/24Volts Halogen Lamp Motor:- Continuous Heavy Duty. Dimention:- 250x190x120mm Silent Features Cooling System, Blower Cooled. Supplied with 2"x2" slide carrier and 35mm slide carrier. Very fine focussing system provided. High performance halogen lamp ensure bright & clear image. Sturdy body for long life. Wooden Box for safety duing transportation. Optional Accessories:- Mounted 2"x2" film slide.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-023005 - (High Performance Slide Projector Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Over Head Projector Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Aperture : 250mmx250mm Folding : fold away arm and head Objective Lens: 1-element f=290 Lamp EHJ 24v 250w/50hrs Dual sockets/dual lamps Illumination(central lumen) - 3000+ Head Rotation : 360* Tilting Angle : 0-60* Lamp Changer : Yes Condenser Lens : Yes Safety Cut Switch : Yes Overheat Thermostat :Yes Brightness Switch :Yes Cooling system forced air cooling(drum cooling fan) Power Supply :AC 110v, 220/230v, 230/240v, 50/60hz available Power Cord :3m Standard Detachable Power Cable,Special Length by Request Net Weight :11.2kgs Dimensions : 300x310x230mm Packing Size : 440x410x290mm.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-023006 - (Over Head Projector Laboratory Equipments Supplies)