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Medical and Health Care

Medical and Health Care
Medical and Health Care

Trauma Kits

Trauma Kits....

Product Code: MHC-0001 - (Trauma Kits)


Disposables and Consumables

Disposables and Consumables....

Product Code: MHC-0002 - (Disposables and Consumables)


Diagnostic, ICU and OT Equipment

Diagnostic, ICU and OT Equipment....

Product Code: MHC-0003 - (Diagnostic, ICU and OT Equipment)


Other Medical Equipment

Other Medical Equipment....

Product Code: MHC-0004 - (Other Medical Equipment)


Orthopedic and Surgical Instruments

Orthopedic and Surgical Instruments....

Product Code: MHC-0005 - (Orthopedic and Surgical Instruments)


Furniture, Linen and Uniforms

Furniture, Linen and Uniforms....

Product Code: MHC-0006 - (Furniture, Linen and Uniforms)


Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment....

Product Code: MHC-0007 - (Laboratory Equipment)


Ambulances, Mobile Hospitals and Clinics

Ambulances, Mobile Hospitals and Clinics....

Product Code: MHC-0008 - (Ambulances, Mobile Hospitals and Clinics)