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General Purpose Equipments

General Purpose Equipments
Laboratory Supplies - We offer General Purpose Equipments which can be used for taking care of variety of applications. Reference Card Cabinet, Tracer, Reprint Boxes, Chart Cabinet, Literature Cabinet, Drawing Board with Stand are the line of general purpose equipments which are designed for excellent performance. We provide the general purpose equipments at market leading rates.

This category included manufacturers, exporters, traders, distributors of General Purpose Labwares e.g Balance, Mass Set, Cork Borer Set, Clamps, Clips, Iron Gauge, Spoons, Rubber Corks, Stop Clock / Watch, Stands, Rubber Tube, Test Tube Holder / Stand, Spatulas, Burner, Brushes, Meter Scale, Microscope, Drawing Board, Forceps, Hot Plate, Oven, Incubator, Laboratory Coat, Models, Magnifier, Sieves, Retort Stand, Tripod Stand, Water Bath, Zinc Plate, Plasticwares , Furnaces, Autoclave, Water Still, Moisture Meters, Stirrer, Heating Mantles, Centrifuges, Heating & Cooling Equipments etc

Reference Card Cabinet Laboratory Equipments Supplies

For keeping library reference cards MDF frame finished with laminated sheet. Drawer frame also of MDF with laminated front and plywood bottom. For keeping cards a steel rod provided in the drawer and through it moves a metal plate which can be fixed at any desired position with the help of screw. Drawer fitted with knob and index card holder. To prevent accidental pull of drawer a restraining lever is provided.     With 6 drawers for 13 x 8 c, cards.     With 12 drawers for 13 x 8 cm cards.     With 18 drawers for 13 x 8 cm cards.     With 24 drawers for 13 x 8 cm cards.     With 6 drawers for 15 x 10 cm cards.     With 6 drawers for 15 x 10 cm cards.     With 6 drawers for 18 x 11 cm cards.     With 12 drawers for 18 x 11 cm cards.     Stand with castor wheels for reference card cabinets. 45 cm high. Made of teakwood. Spirit polish finishing.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-035001 - (Reference Card Cabinet Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Tracer Laboratory Equipments Supplies

MDF frame with plywood bottom is finished with laminated sheet. Inside painted white. Hinged top of thick glass in wooden frame. With tube light inside and tube light out side. Size : 68 x 45 x 11.5/2.5 cm.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-035002 - (Tracer Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Reprint Boxes Laboratory Equipments Supplies

For keeping reprints. Kailwood frame with plywood bottom. Fitted with clamp inside and index card holder and clips outside. Beautifully spirit polish finish. Size 38 x 25 x 6 cm. ....

Product Code: NLE-Export-035003 - (Reprint Boxes Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Chart Cabinet Laboratory Equipments Supplies

For keeping 100 charts in rolled & hanging position. Cabinet frame of MDF finished with laminated sheet. 10 hangers with 10 hooks on each hanger provided inside top. Hangers slide on wooden channels for convenient sorting of charts. Hinged door with locking arrangement. Can be olded into 25 cm high parcel and can be assembled by tightening just 8 screws. Beautiful spirit polish finish.     For 100 x 75 cm had made charts.     For Bio - Visual charts.     For 70x50 cm. Handmade Charts on Shelves.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-035004 - (Chart Cabinet Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Literature Cabinet Laboratory Equipments Supplies

For keeping Reprint Boxes (RR-93-01) Cabinet frame of 19 mm thick plyboard finished with laminated sheet. Hinged door is provided with lock.     Cabinet with 24 reprint boxes.     Cabinet with 30 reprint boxes.     Cabinet with 36 reprint boxes....

Product Code: NLE-Export-035005 - (Literature Cabinet Laboratory Equipments Supplies)


Wax Block Cabinet Laboratory Equipments Supplies

Capacity 2000 blocks. Capacity 5000 blocks. Capacity 10000 blocks.....

Product Code: NLE-Export-035006 - (Wax Block Cabinet Laboratory Equipments Supplies)